XIPHIAS does the editorial photoshoot which is mainly focused on the narrative and visual story been told, we cover the pictures under this photoshoot which will come along with articles, magazines, also on the wallpaper of a magazine.

Before every Picture been taken this is just a Salutation added for the Cause but these pictures doesn't need any salutation before capture. "Editorial" A topic , An Issue or A realtime Scenario, These are images which speaks, Speaks about the Condition, joy, Pain and other Emotions. An Editorial Photography leads us towards ambience of the Story. This zooms up the Entire condition and the "Picture" speaks out for it shelf. Now, this takes us towards the new scenario over

We cover pictures to publish magazines, newspapers, and textbooks. This photoshoot will not focus much on the method used to make them that is a determining factor from a legal perspective.

XIPHIAS studios photoshoot envelop a wide variety of styles and genre, as editorial photoshoot will not be done for selling stuff. XIPHIAS studios hold skilled & innovative photographers to do Advertising as well as editorial photography. We do this photoshoot to cover the pictures where image speaks more about the related content made.

The Photoshoot of this kind includes imagery has certain elements which reflect the world and nature around us.

Usually, the Images we cover during this photoshoot will also be leveraged in journalism where the integrity of the images is needed to make the people understand well about the content, Newspapers can also make use of these images to demonstrate a story.

Advertising photoshoot:

We have many technical photographers with practical skills, creativity skills, excellent communication skills for making advertising photoshoot. This photoshoot is completely different from the editorial photoshoot, as Advertising photoshoot will be done for products promotion for better presentation, and advertising to attract the customer's viewers to buy the product.

Usually, the photography for advertising can make use of people or property within the image unless they are legally signed as a model or property release form. We have professional and legally signed models with property release form.

"A release form is formally a permission or agreement from the property owner or people who will endorse within the photoshoot".

Magazine photoshoot:

The magazine photoshoot is intended for nature photographers and for nature enthusiasts who has ranged from beginners to professionals. We have many nature photographers who are experts in this photoshoot with the desired experience, patience concentration, ability to make people feel relaxed, Time management skills. We will also cover Natural world being a part of it and getting out natural things into the image making use of the media ecosystem and nature. XIPHIAS is fully specialized and equipped with all required modern cameras, lenses, Professional photographers, models who are having high experience. We hold a team of photographers with practiced techniques who are well eligible to provide a good eye for shape, form, and color which is needed to consistently produce high-quality Images to the clients. We are having researchers to find the location that will suit each of us most.

Usually, magazine cover images can earn money but Magazine cover photoshoot feeds your ego: By Seeing our image published across a magazine cover gives a photographer sense of accomplishment and satisfaction which is more important than money.
The Magazine cover photoshoot which we cover will have images that match the type of shot the publication uses. If any publication has an editorial calendar we will download or request a copy of it so that we can see upcoming themes. This might give an idea of which type of images they might use in the magazine on an upcoming issue.

XIPHIAS Studios is an innovative & creative advertising agency in India as it is the best-in-class expertise and capabilities in digital as well creative communication and media services.
In these days, consumers are more connecting by a range of devices. XIPHIAS studios are one of the best and fast growing advertising agencies in India as it leverages all the new opportunities presented by the media convergence to this era. XIPHIAS studios will have right communication strategy with consumers to deliver best results for clients. From tracking who are the consumers, & to how they make decisions XIPHIAS studios makes the best use of current media mix to give life for communication strategy and deliver proper and the best results to the clients.

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